Does The IPhone Need A Case? Is The IPhone Case Necessary?

Everyone who doesn't leave the phone every day is no stranger to the phone case. Speaking of the role of the Apple phone case, there is no doubt that it is mainly used to protect mobile phones. On the one hand: to prevent the back from scratching and scratching, and nowadays more and more Apple mobile phones have a glass material on the back. Once broken, the maintenance cost is very high; on the other hand, the screen replacement and repair costs are probably protected. It is the largest and most expensive part of Apple's mobile phone repair. Once it is broken, it will affect the appearance and will seriously reduce the experience. In addition, holding a scarred mobile phone will inevitably be embarrassing.

However, it has to be acknowledged that the use of the phone case has made the design and texture of the phone itself obscured and thus greatly compromised. For example, the thin and light touch of the bare metal, the touch of different materials of the mobile phone, the difference between the corners and the streamline design, and the like. In addition, some models of Apple mobile phones with a dazzling color as the main selling point highlights the personality, if you have to put on a mobile phone shell, unless it is transparent, you can only succumb to the full color and sacrifice the color of the phone itself.