How Do Gift Companies Use Holidays As A Promotional Layout?

How the merchants in the gift industry use the festival to effectively promote and stimulate consumption has become a new hot spot of concern. Merchants are advised to consider the product, channel and time to better plan for the holiday consumption.

Winning products: high-end appeals are obviously improved

From the perspective of products, Chinese consumers are clearly showing the latest four major demands on holiday consumption, namely high-end, gifts, health and sharing. Focusing on the four major demands for product layout in different festivals will help merchants and retailers to win the product first.

“High-end” has become the main driving force of the FMCG market, and it is no exception in festival consumption. Taking the 2015 Spring Festival as an example, among the many fast-moving categories, high-priced products have become an important driving force for sales growth.

For example, with the concept of great health becoming more and more popular, high-end liquid milk is becoming a favorite for people and relatives in the festival, and its growth far exceeds the growth of the liquid milk market. Although the price of high-end liquid milk is more than twice the average price of liquid milk, it has not affected the sales of liquid milk during the 2015 Spring Festival.

The essential highlight of the gift box festival is also one of the representatives of the high-end products. In general, gift boxed chocolates are more than double the price of regular chocolates. According to our data, nearly half (49%) of the increase in chocolate consumption this year comes from gift box packaging.

The last thing to mention is the important role that family sharing plays in festival consumption. For example, the chocolate family sharing equipment achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 20% in the Spring Festival this year. In contrast, the Spring Festival sales growth of the exclusive equipment is much slower (10.4%).

Conclusion: For manufacturers, the appeal of innovation and health functions in gift box packaging is a marketing approach that caters to discerning consumers.

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