How To Tell If A Sun Umbrella Can Protect Against UV Rays

Sun umbrellas, this must be in the summer, or else it will be directly sun-baked, can the sun umbrella prevent ultraviolet rays? How to distinguish whether the sun umbrella can be sun-protected:

Can the umbrella protect against UV rays:

Sun umbrellas can block about 70 ultraviolet rays, but they cannot isolate reflected ultraviolet rays. If there is no anti-UV coated umbrella, you can also use a common sun umbrella. The black umbrella has a relatively better defense effect, followed by pink and goose yellow, while red has almost no UV protection.

How to tell if a parasol is UV-resistant:

Light-shielding coating

The glue layer is related to the sun protection effect. Black plastic umbrella>Color plastic umbrella>Silver plastic umbrella>No rubber layer umbrella>Lace hollow umbrella///Multi-layer umbrella>One or two layers of rubber layer umbrella>No glue layer umbrella>Lace hollow umbrella/// Dark umbrella> Light umbrella

2.UF value label

The UV protection umbrella should be marked with a sun protection index (UV mark), and the UPF value will be marked on the tag. When UPF = 30, UV filtration = 95%. When the UPF value = 50, the ultraviolet filter = 99.8% or more. But there are very few umbrellas that can really do UPF50, and it is not easy to buy. In general, in non-UV areas, an umbrella with a UPF of 30 is sufficient for daily sun protection.