Rain Umbrella Culture Implication

A small umbrella is not only a common Rain Umbrella,but also the true meaning of the umbrella culture "love" - love of family, love of warmth, love of life, love of the market, love of nature...

Under the scorching sun, in the drizzle, the mother holding her umbrella is waiting for her child to disperse. The umbrella was soaked with the mother's love for her children, and her eyes were filled with the mother's earnest hope. Love and hope play the umbrella of an umbrella.

The umbrellas in the city flipped over and over like pop songs, silk umbrellas, paper umbrellas, butter umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, folding umbrellas, charming patterns of umbrellas, lattice umbrellas, anti-ultraviolet umbrellas, paper umbrellas... These constantly refurbished umbrellas are no longer a common raingear, a symbol of beauty, making people younger and more beautiful, a love of life.

There is a vivid watercolor painting: a pure stream between the mountains, a graceful girl dressed in Dai costume holding a simple and elegant silk umbrella Pavilion curling through the stream, pure, simple, bright, simple and elegant amorous feelings flowed into the hearts of the viewers, the umbrella gently turned, was moved by the heart The strings also played beautiful, classical music, that is the rhythm of umbrella music.... Such a picture, not only I like, many people also like, this is the umbrella shows the love of simplicity and nature.

Among the ancient Chinese myths, the love story "White Snake Story" with umbrella as the matchmaker is the most popular. Xu Xian's oil-paper umbrella, which is full of scholarly flavor, holds up the space above the head of the White Lady. From this, Xu Xian deduces a love story which has been passed down from heaven to earth for thousands of years. Xu Xian has no money and no property. The White Lady values the warmth and love in his oil-paper umbrella. This is the true love of the umbrella culture.

Seen on television on the weather-packed beach: a pair of men and women lying or sitting under a huge sun umbrella facing a dot-style costume, the sun carefully smeared their skin with healthy and provocative colors through the umbrella, while the umbrella filtered out the sun rather than props, embracing and kissing warmly and openly Together with umbrellas, the beach is decorated with another umbrella culture. There is a song: "a lover's flower umbrella, a clear blue sky and white clouds..." It's hard to understand at first glance: how Sunny is it when you're holding an umbrella? The world that sees umbrella sees more also has the answer: Lover's umbrella props up, of course is clear clear clear sky ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.

Walking in the street, the figure of meteors curling or striding, red, yellow, blue flowers on the umbrella carefully made advertising words also forward: "Confucian banquet wine mellow crisp mouth", "a pint of Huangshan sky light", "green card with you to walk around the world... The flowing scenery is no worse than the TV screen. It is so tender and easy for passers-by to record the products, the producers and the benefits of the products. So the umbrella promotes the economic development. Isn't this the "love of the market" of the umbrella?


Legend has it that umbrellas can also predict people's luck. If the umbrella falls on the ground, do not pick it up yourself, or bad luck will come. If you open your umbrella on sunny days, it means you bring rain. Don't open your umbrella in your house or put your umbrella on the bed.

Dark language

In Britain, umbrellas were only used in eighteenth Century. The Parnasse was once a female specialty.

Umbrella picture

Umbrella picture

Women's attitude towards love. Holding the umbrella upright means to be faithful to love. Holding the open umbrella in my left hand, I have no free time now. Slowly shake the umbrella, indicating lack of confidence or distrust; put the umbrella on the right shoulder, indicating that you do not want to see again.