Seven Questions To Be Understood Before The Promotion Of Gift Promotion

1. Why do you want to do promotions?

It takes a lot of money to make a promotion. It can't be a performance of a whim. So when designing a promotion plan and a promotion plan, the dealer must figure out why the promotion is to be done: to fight against the competitor's “infringement” or a new product. Listing is still to improve the brand image of the product, or to clear the inventory. Only by understanding the starting point of the promotion, dealers can better design targeted promotional programs.

2.When is the promotion?

That is, the schedule of the promotion. As a dealer, choose the right time to promote. According to the market competition situation, as well as the characteristics of holidays, the peak season, etc., reasonable arrangements for the promotion of the gear, but in the actual implementation, according to the characteristics of market sales, competitors, etc., timely adjustment, not blindly, mechanically to do promotions.

3.Where is the promotion?

That is to determine the location of the promotion, whether to do promotional activities in townships, or to do promotions in the store, or other agreed places, so as to identify the location of the promotion.

4.What to do what kind of promotion

Is it a gift, or a lottery, or an event promotion, special promotions, etc. As a dealer, try not to make promotions through the form of price wars, because the price war will "kill one thousand, self-destruction eight hundred", and once the price is pulled down, it will be very difficult to go up again. thing.

5.Who who is responsible for promotion

That is, who is responsible for the specific implementation of the promotion. If the sales activities planned by the dealers do not fail, they must clarify the details of the promotion, implement the various issues of the promotion to the people, and do everything for everyone. Everything is managed, so that they can be organized, planned, and Implementation, there is an assessment. At the same time, in this regard, dealers can track the progress of promotional items through the form of Gantt chart, that is, through clear promotion items, specific responsible persons, completion time, reward and punishment measures, etc., so that various promotion work can be promoted in an orderly manner. .

6.How to make a promotion

The promotion activities are divided into several stages, different topics and key points in different stages, strategic combination of promotion, promotion positioning, etc., and formulate product strategies, price strategies, channel strategies, etc., so that the promotion has the main line and soul.

7.How much promotion cost budget

That is, how much the promotion should be invested, including promotional items, sample expenses, labor costs, venue fees, and even public relations expenses. Through the budget, the dealer can prevent the promotion from being critical, because the cost problem causes the promotion to “fall off the chain”, resulting in The promotion "anticlimactic" has greatly reduced the effect.

In short, if a dealer wants to enhance his core competitiveness, he must make a promotion plan, ensure the effective operation of the promotion through the good design of the promotion in advance, and the implementation of the promotion details in the future, which will help the sales growth. Constantly let the market become active.

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