What Are The Adaptation Scenarios And Purchasing Points Of Climbing Sticks?

Adaptive scene

1. Outdoor climbing and hiking

You can choose three or four sections of climbing stick, the handle is the best choice of straight handle, material can consider aluminum alloy support, carbon fiber support.

2. Horizontal/Site Hiking

Professional walking stick with inclined handle can be selected. Material can consider carbon fiber support and aluminium alloy support. The wristband of walking stick is different from that of ordinary climbing stick. It adopts full palm wristband, which can fully cooperate with swing arm angle. The more professional walking sticks are rebornsun Robinson and Wildview / Di. At present, the three-section carbon fiber walking stick is easy to carry and is popular with all of you.

3. Leisure Mountaineering/Daily Use

Two, three and four knots of climbing sticks can be used, mainly depending on the need to carry. Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and wood support can be selected for material.

Key Points for Selection and Purchase of Mountaineering Canes

1. Check the locking: Lock each section of the climbing rod and press it down to make sure that it will not break down and that the locking system can bear the load.

2. Tie your wristband: Tie your wristband while hiking to make you comfortable and swing your cane back and forth. If the wristband will scratch your wrist, keep looking. The wristband should be soft and flexible. It can be easily adjusted to the required firmness and not easy to fall off.

3. Handle selection: A climbing rod with cork and cotton pads is usually preferred by people who have sweaty palms or often hike in rainy days, because these materials have good friction even when they are wet. Rubber, plastic and other materials handle, when wet, will be slippery, feel is not particularly good, but durable, good strength. If your palms sweat easily, avoid using plastic grips because they slide out like wet fish. Cork or soaked cotton sticks are best grasped. In cold weather, the handle of soaking cotton feels warmer than that of cork, plastic, wood or rubber.

4. Select material: Aluminum alloy climbing rod, strong, light, cheap, most manufacturers use aluminum alloy material. If you are a high quality person, you can choose a lighter new walking stick made of carbon fiber or titanium alloy. Carbon fibers are as strong as aluminium alloys, but lighter in weight, but more expensive. Titanium alloys are lighter, but more expensive. Carbon fibers and titanium alloys are used to make climbing sticks with relatively small diameters, which make people feel very light. When you use them, you can throw them very quickly, and it is easy to put the tip of the stick in a suitable position.

5. Choose the number of knots: Firstly, according to the intensity of activity, the more polyphase the number of knots, the lower the load-bearing capacity. When leisure activities, the most prominent is easy to carry, so four sticks are the first choice, when the activities have a certain intensity, choose three sticks to ensure safety.