What Are The Characteristics Of LED Candles?

1. Novel design

The LED candle light adopts high-power high-brightness light source. The color of the product is 2600K -3200K color temperature and so on. The base is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is oxidized. The special internal ventilation structure design has light weight and good heat dissipation. The appearance is beautiful and high-grade, and the lampshade is made of transparent or opal glass. Good heat dissipation, low light attenuation, high efficiency and power saving, Sanfengyuan LED series high-power candle light adopts high-efficiency constant current drive circuit, and converts ≥ series high-power candle lamps with high-efficiency constant current drive circuit, conversion ≥ 90%. Under the same conditions, the 3WLED candle light is equivalent to the brightness of a 25W incandescent lamp, saving up to 90%. LED high-power candle lamps have a service life of more than 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 times the life of ordinary incandescent lamps, and 1000 hours of attenuation < hour attenuation < 2%, 40,000 hours attenuation < 30%. Avoid frequent lamp replacement and reduce maintenance management fees. Electrically stable, AC100V-AC240V50/60Hz wide voltage frequency input without flash, fast transient response (delay wide voltage frequency input without flash, fast transient response (delay wide voltage frequency input without flash, transient response Fast (delay) no frequent switch damage) No frequent switch damage, very suitable for fields with frequent switching times and large voltage fluctuation range.

2. Green

It does not contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals that are very polluting to the environment. When it emits light, it will produce ultraviolet rays. Therefore, unlike traditional lamps, there are many mosquitoes around the light source to make the environment more clean and tidy. The metal shell constant current drive The innovative design makes the conversion of product electrical energy into very high light efficiency.