What Is Canvas? The Specifications Of Canvas Are Divided Into Several Types.

Canvas, canvas, is a thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Named for the original use of sails. Generally, plain weave is used, a small amount of twill weave is used, and warp and weft yarns are multi-stranded. Canvas factories are usually divided into two categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas. The coarse canvas, also known as the tarpaulin, is commonly woven with No. 58 (10 lbs) 4 to 7 strands. The fabric is strong and resistant to folding, has good waterproof performance, is used for covering cars and open warehouses, and tents in the wild. Fine canvas warp and weft yarns are generally 2 strands 58 to 6 strands 28 (10 inches / 2 to 21 inches / 6), used to make labor protection clothing and supplies. It can also be used as a shoe, travel bag, backpack and other fabrics after dyeing. In addition, there are rubber canvas, shield canvas for fire and radiation protection, and canvas for paper machine.

How to determine the canvas specifications

1. Canvas thickness: We usually call how many security, commonly used 6 An, 8 An, 10 An, 12 An, 14 An, 16 An, 18 An, 20 An, 22 An, 24 An, 26 An. But as the handbag industry often uses 10 to 16 amps. Just we consider cost and hardness. Most choose 12 or 16 amps. Canvas is the most original environmentally friendly material, so most companies and individuals nowadays prefer canvas handbags, at least they can add a green color to the earth.

2. Canvas width: divided into 36 inches, 44 inches, 56 inches, 60 inches, in fact, we are also called a small width of 36 44 width, 56 and 60 are wide. The most commonly used ones are 44 and 56 inches. Of course, we are a member of the handbag industry. We are all wide or small depending on the size of the bag. The purpose is to reduce waste and achieve cost reduction.