What Is The Difference Between A Business Gift And A Promotional Gift?

In the international market, there is a relatively strict distinction between business gifts and promotional items. This has resulted in a business model for gift companies that operate very differently. (In fact, a well-operated gift company operates both types of gifts at the same time. Usually, the proportion of promotional items in their business is much larger than that of business gifts. First, compared with business gifts, the demand for promotional items in the market is continuous and large-volume. Second, the promotional items are brought to gift sellers. Profits are also sustained and considerable (this is because customers who demand promotional items are stable and long-term for gift sellers).

This gives us an interesting question: What is the product business model of a successful gift company?

So let's list some examples to illustrate this problem:

------- According to the investigation of authoritative media in Beijing: most of the well-operated gift companies in Beijing rely on the existence and development of promotional items; since these customers who have demand for promotional items are long-term customers of such gift companies, Therefore, under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of service, gift companies can easily get the gift purchase agents of these customers----the stability of the customer base definitely represents a steady stream of profits.

-------At present, due to the wide variety of business gifts, the quality is not good, the new products lack the protection of intellectual property rights, so there is fierce vicious competition between manufacturers and gift sellers. Because the value-added components of business gifts are not High, so the competitive price has become the main means for gift sellers to win customers, and the result is a reduction in average profits. Many companies that do business gifts close down in a short period of time, which is one of the most important reasons.

The above facts show that the gift company must pay considerable attention to the proportion of promotional items (of course not absolute) in starting the business or in the business process. From this we can conclude that the way the gift company's products operate affects the profit and customer base. The amount of gifts, that is to say, what kind of gifts are sold, to a certain extent determines the business model of the gift company..

So what are the specific differences between promotional items and business gifts?

First of all, from the function of the product, the promotional item is a gift that the manufacturer or the dealer gives to the consumer freely when the consumer purchases his own product in order to increase the sales of the product sold; and the business gift is a company group meeting. A commemorative gift that is given to the other party in order to strengthen the relationship and mutual business relationship between the festival and other social occasions; or a gift that is given to each other by relatives, friends, lovers, teachers and students to express emotions.

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