What Is The Principle Of Sun Umbrella? What Kind Of Umbrella Has Better Sunscreen Effect?

It is recommended to buy black glue.

A light-colored Sun Umbrella

1. From the perspective of reflection, black gum absorbs all the color light. Outside, black gum absorbs the color light actively. The temperature can be imagined to be higher, black gum is inside, and the outer layer is light. Then the outer layer reflects most of the light, while the inner layer absorbs light. The effect is better.

2. Comparing from the use point of view and from the use point of view,

Black glue outside, scratch, rain more likely to cause corrosion of the coating

The service life of the sunshade will also be reduced.

When the UPF value is above 30, it can be called a sunscreen umbrella.

The UPF of most sunscreen umbrellas on the market is between 30 and 40, which is enough to deal with daily sunscreen.

Umbrella Surface Coating

A: UV filtering method, UV filtering method and UV filtering method are commonly used as PG fabric. PG fabric was first used in Europe and the United States, now the mainland brand is also trying. Ultraviolet resistance is good, long life, and now there are PG cloth umbrellas for both rain and sunshine, the price is small and expensive.

B: The coated Sun Umbrella umbrella for shading is affordable and cost effective, so it is also the choice of most people. But the sunscreen performance of the coated umbrella will decrease after raining, and the coatings will fall off if folding times are more.

The common coatings are black glue, silver glue and colour glue.

3. Look at the size of umbrella surface. In order to reduce the area of skin exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the bigger the umbrella surface is, the better. At the same time, light weight is convenient and labor-saving.

4. Looking at light-colored fabrics, it is easier to absorb ultraviolet rays, and the darker the umbrella surface color, the better the anti-ultraviolet performance, so try to choose dark umbrella surface.

Ps: Mei Paper loves beauty, even if it is an umbrella, but don't choose any lace on the Sun Umbrella , there are several holes of spicy seeds, absolutely suntan!

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